Back to the Yarn – Tara Parkal

Tara Parkal is an avid crafter in Thornbury, Ontario who explores the world of crochet with both passion and care. Her enthusiasm for using her art and craft to connect with others in the community as well as using second hand yarn or other’s ends helps infuse her beautiful creations with the love evident in each piece she creates.

When did you start crocheting and what made you fall in love?

I was taught how to crochet at around 9 years old. I am a maker and making a ball of yarn into something made me feel really good. I would make things like hats and pouches without using a pattern.

What items do you love making the most?

Right now I really love making baskets and bags, but I have a huge list of items I want to try. I recently learnt how to make skull granny squares and love making them.

How has crochet and being a maker helped you connect with your community?

It has helped me to connect by having my baskets sold at Blue Thornbury. I have connected with local thrift shop staff when I come and buy most of the donated yarn. We sometimes talk about projects we are working on and I was offered help on a new pattern. I have also offered to help others learn. It was also a pleasure to help with the school fundraiser. I made scrunchies and Christmas ornaments. A group of us would get together regularly to craft and we plan to do that again soon. I have also connected a lot through social media with my local community and around the world.

How do you think that making art can help inspire social change?

I hope that my art inspires social change. I use scrap and second hand yarn for most of my work. I do buy new yarn when needed for specific projects, but I have loads of yarn stash. I almost always have what I need for what I want to make. The less out of landfill the better. There are so many makers creating something new from something that was discarded and I am so inspired by that.

What project are you planning out next?

I plan on learning how to make poppy pins. I have someone who would like to buy a bunch from me and I’m happy to learn something new. I also love flowers and hope what I have made will be used for years to come.

Any favourite local hotspots that folks should know about?

I am not great with favorites. I love Thornbury and do my best to support local businesses. I have come to know many of the businesses owners in the area and I proudly call some of them friends. With the warm weather we have the Thornbury farmers market. You could plan a visit and start there. After that find the Georgian trail, walk over the Beaver River and head into town, where you will find shops and restaurants. Remember to pop into an art gallery or two. Definitely my favorite gallery is Blue Thornbury, where you will find my scrap yarn baskets. Tell Sarah, I say hello.

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