Donald’s Honey – Dayna and Gabe Donald

Donald’s Honey is led by husband and wife team, Gabe and Dayna in Owen Sound, Ontario. Offering way more than just honey, Donald’s Honey is a staple in the Grey County community providing ecologically grown fruit and vegetables along with their wide array of honey and honey-related products.

How did your family find beekeeping?

Gabe’s Dad was a hobby beekeeper when Gabe was growing up. At a young age he showed interest and started working his dad’s hives eventually managing them and growing to about 50 hives and than working for a local commercial beekeeper where he spent nearly ten years working. Since we’ve met and started Donald’s Honey as a team we manage around 200 hives.

How did you start growing vegetables and what has been your inspiration to grow your market garden?

Gabe grew up on a farm and his mom always had wonderful gardens both ornamental and vegetable. Being around and eating homegrown food was a norm for him and he grew quite the green thumb over the years. When he was about twenty, he started really growing his own gardens.

When we met in 2013, we combined our passion for working the land, working with nature and slowly growing our fruit orchard and vegetable gardens. We have always grown vegetables but really figured out what type of market gardeners we wanted to be over the years through lots of trial and error and successes to of course 😊 Over the past three or so years we have really scaled up our market gardens, this year even renting a new piece of land to grow on and increasing our CSA share to nearly 30 families as well as being at the Owen Sound Market weekly with our produce (and honey too of course).

Being able to work the land in a sustainable way while bettering the soil and growing nutrient dense food that feeds our family and community has always been a huge inspiration for us.

It feels like I see your honey everywhere! What’s been your strategy for sharing your honey with the community?

We feel so grateful to be apart of such an incredible, inspiring, and hard-working community! When I first moved up to Owen Sound I did quite a few weekly farmers markets. I got to know the local food community and like-minded people. From there we started retailing our honey in quite a few shops, cafes and restaurants in the area and working with so many incredibly talented/inspiring chef’s, baker’s, and producers. Nothing quite drives me more than passion so working with passionate people really helps. We don’t really try to over sell our honey to much – we just like people to try it and let the honey speak for itself. We strive to bring honey to your tables that tastes as close to eating it right out of the hive as possible!

What’s your favourite part about beekeeping?

Spending our days outdoors working with and observing the most fascinating little creatures and how in tune they keep us with the environment around us.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Grey County?

So much access to so many incredible places and amazing people. We couldn’t imagine keeping bees, growing food or raising our family and living anywhere else!

What’s the best way to eat honey? Any fave recipes to share?

Honestly we eat honey in or on just about everything so that’s a hard one. We’ll keep it simple haha. Honey in coffee is the best thing ever, if you haven’t tried it you have to, to really step up your morning coffee game try creamed cinnamon honey!! Apple slices dipped in honey, so simple and so delicious. Gabe makes honey caramels around the holidays but that’s a secret recipe, haha!


Socials: @donaldshoney on Instagram and @BeeStillFarm on Facebook

Contact: 519-477-1818 or

Location: 3599 28th Ave E, Owen Sound, ON