Foster’s Fields – Carrie Foster

Foster’s Fields is based out of Hanover, Ontario and features the handmade soaps, soy candles, and other amazing products from Carrie Foster. Carrie’s creativity and expertise are evident in the high quality of the products that she makes and offers at local markets and from her own website. If you’re looking to add some scent to your life, look no further! Foster’s Fields will have you satisfied no matter the product.

When did you start making soaps and candles and how did the craft find you?

I started Fosters Fields with soy candles many years ago while I was pregnant with my middle daughter. At that time I was burning a lot of candles and my husband said jokingly that I should start making my own because I was burning so many. After many hours of research I landed on natural soy wax. Soon after pouring my 1st candles I realized how much I loved it and began to get a collection of candles that was far more than I could actually burn so I started selling them. It didn’t take long after I opened Fosters Fields for my love of making products to become apparent. I had been purchasing handmade soaps for years, had wanted to make my own but was quite nervous. I decided the time had come to give it a try, that was it. I was hooked on soap making and than began the long process of formulating recipes to perfect in order to sell the bars to everyone. Because I have always suffered from sensitive skin and now my kids also do, it was important to me that all my product’s be sensitive skin safe. My other handmade products have simply evolved over the years, I like to play with my oils and butter to come up new and better skin care for sensitive skin.

Where do you find your inspiration for different scents?

Many of my scents come from my own personal tastes. For instance I rarely make floral candles or soaps, all of my products are tested and also used regularly within my home and florals are not my favorite. I have however started making a few(because they had been requested) when I have been lucky enough to find fragrance blends that are lighter and off set with other more favorable notes in the mix. Alot of my essential oil blends are made by simply sniffing and blending. Some days I am creating recipes and for whatever reason, I sniff and blend and it makes a wonderful new soap blend. I do however have my favorites in essential oils as well, strangely enough lavender is one of my top essential oils used in my home. Can’t explain that 🙂

How has the business changed since you started and what are you looking forward to in the future?

My business has gone from mainly soy candles, to soap and soy candles to now soaps and other skin care. Soy candles are still a part of my business but my focus seems to be more on skin care and the expansion of that going forward. This process of growth for Fosters Fields has been a slow one, over the last 12 years. The last 5 or so years I decided to focus more on business growth for a few reasons. The first is to have more time at home with my family, second is to be financially stable as I begin to slowly progress towards retirement. I am sure I am not the only person who didn’t exactly plan for retirement with my office jobs over the years. Because I love this business and also want financial stability, I hope to keep making soap as long as I can into my retirement however have the flexibility to take time off with my husband after he retires. Neither of us are retiring is any time soon, but time flies these days and 10-15 years will creep up quickly. Perhaps with growth will come the need to employ a few fellow soap makers to help me out.

What’s it like being a small business in Grey County?

Being a small business in Grey County has been wonderful. My customers are very loyal around this part of my woods. It is nice to walk with my community and have someone recognize me as the ‘soap lady’. I love that. I hardly think being a small business in a larger city area would have that perk. I find this area very supportive and its always nice that the other small business folk help each other out.

Where can folks find your products for sale?

Fosters Fields products are currently being sold from a few local businesses. Neustadt Marketplace(Neustadt), The Wildlfower Company(Port Elgin), Beautiful Ambitions(Walkerton). I also offer online shopping and of course my home office, where customers are welcome to visit by appointment.

What’s your favourite scent right now?

People often ask me what my favorite scent or product is, I love it all but I think that often I fall back on my Orange Ginger scent. This is my favorite Body Cream because it lingers a little more that some of my other Body Creams for an all day light scent that isn’t overpowering.


Socials: @fostersfields on Instagram and Facebook

Contact: or (519) 379-8786

Location: Hanover, ON