Gingy Dough – Joe Riley

There’s nothing quite like a fresh loaf of bread, except a loaf that is made with the skill and experience of a baker like Joe Riley of Gingy Dough fame. Far more than sourdough bread, Joe makes some of the most delectable desserts, pizzas, snacks, and other baked goods in the county. Based out of Owen Sound, Gingy Dough is sure to only grow and expand to meet the demand of local folks that have fallen in love.

How did you find baking and sourdough?
I have grown up working in kitchens and always loved cooking but never really enjoyed baking until the lockdown when Sourdough baking became the trendy thing to do. I saw everyone and their mother attempt to make sourdough loaves and being the very competitive person I am I knew I could do a better job so I got some starter from Birgit (my sourdough starter is named Birgy in her honour) the local Owen Sound legend and that sparked my addiction to sourdough.

What kind of goods do you offer and what’s your favourite of the moment?
I have a rotating menu that you can find through my Instagram stories – There is always a plain sourdough boule, a couple different flavours of sourdough boules, sourdough english muffins, and one dessert usually some kind of fritter or cinnamon rolls! My personal favourite are my blueberry fritters. I grow the blueberries myself in my garden!

Where do you do your baking and how can people buy from you?
I bake at the sweetwater restaurant and you can currently buy my loaves off my instagram @gingydough. I am currently transitioning to try and find my own space to open a full time bakery where people can come and get fresh loaves at any time instead of just pre ordering loaves online! My bread is currently available at The Sweetwater Restaurant at Cobble Beach , The Hearts Tavern in Kimberly, and Sugar Dust Baking in Owen Sound.

How has business changed since you started? Do you have any plans for change in the future?
My business started not as a business at all. It was just me baking bread and trying to brag about how pretty my loaves were on social media to all of a sudden people were trying to buy loaves off me. Now I am looking to find my own location to open my dream bakery! My long term goal is to sell wholesale loaves to the restaurants in the area and have a bread list where I do a few bakes a week for anyone who wants bread!

What’s the best part about baking in Grey County?
The best part about baking in Grey Bruce is just how amazing and supportive the community is in general. Since I first started baking I always had aspirations of owning my own bakery but it always felt like it was unattainable feat until I started being more active in the local community and the crazy amount of support I get from everyone really encouraged me to go all in and I don’t think I would of did it without the confidence everyone has given me with all the constant support.

Socials: @gingydough

Contact: DM on Instagram

Location: Owen Sound, ON