Timmer Werk – Will Daize

Will Daize is the creative mind behind Timmer Werk, a woodworking shop in Holstein, Ontario. From custom furniture to jewelry stands, Will combines his experience of wood working with metal craft to create one of a kind pieces that are varied and unique. Recently renovated, Will’s workshop showcases his imagination, diversity, and skill.

When did you start working with wood? How has your craft changed since you started?

My grandfather was a skilled woodcarver and my dad did a lot of renovations. So growing up I would help them or watch over their shoulder, but to be honest it wasn’t very interesting to me at the time. When I was 16 I became really interested in woodworking. I had a shop teachers that encouraged my creativity, so I would rush through my other classes to go to the wood or metal shop an d play around. This was around the time idea of Timmerwerk was forming.

My craft has changed by experience, knowledge, and new techniques. I made my first piece of furniture when I was 16. It was a live edge cherry bench with metal pipe legs, as well as bend steel components. The ambition is the same, but the knowledge, tools, and ideas have greatly evolved.

A real change I have made was to focus on what “Will will make”. Starting out, I only replicated and didn’t think much past that. It took me a bit to realize I could design things as I saw them, and create a style of my own.

You make some very unique pieces! What’s the story behind the bow ties?

The story is pretty simple. Bowtie joints are common in live edge furniture. While I was making bowties for a piece I thought “I make a lot of bowties, so can I wear one?”. With a small bracket affixed to the back I was wearing a bowtie in no time. It’s cliche, but your imagination really is the limit.

What’s your favourite thing to make?

That’s a hard question to answer. The most enjoyable thing for me to make is furniture, tables specifically. Unfortunately, there’s only a finite amount of space so I can’t make the volume I’d like quite in this present moment. For this reason I enjoy making jewelry because it’s quick, relatively easy, and I can be more flexible with the materials used.

What’s your process for custom pieces?

I’ve been fortunate to have clients mostly open to creative liberty. The way I look at it is I want to provide the client’s vision, but I also want to add some flair. For
more traditional builds, making patterns with the wood grain is a subtle way to make flow in a piece. Although, I prefer getting creative with different woods/materials, leg designs, so on.

How do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration mostly comes from my grandpa. Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten was “if you have an idea, simply try it and see what happens”. This is one of my core principles in life because it’s so simple. The worst that will happen is you make something ugly or it doesn’t work, or, you surprise yourself.

Where in the county can people find your work?

I’m not in many stores, garage 13 being the best place to look. I’ve personally moved away from selling in store. I’m at many of the local Christmas markets, and I’m aiming to return to farmer’s markets this summer. Your best bet to find my work is on my website, timmerwerk.ca

Website: timmerwerk.ca

Socials: @timmer.werk

Contact: (519) 731-4329

Location: Holstein. ON